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Your sail donations will be measured and inspected for condition. Any sail will do- any size, condition, and style. We even recycle a multitude of other materials as well- so keep that in mind as well!


Kiteboard sails, windsurfer, boat Cushions, Bimini tops and more!


Once measured and evaluated your sail will be given a donation value and you can choose a ready Made bag off the shelf or order a custom duffle. Custom duffles will be delivered to you in 6 weeks!


Please ship your sails to :


Hope Town Canvas

C/o Heavy Lift Services

801 Ave E

Riviera Beach, Fl 33404


How we started - our Sail Story!


Our business was inspired by our own backyard full of old sails. My husband's grandfather started and successfully ran ABC Charters, Hope Towns' first sailboat charter business, in the early 70s. Many years later the business has closed but for the mooring ball rentals. But the remnants of the business remained.


We lived on the property for many years - we would sit and contemplate our life’s journey and the stacks of sails became the inspirations for our next venture.


I didn’t know how to sew at the time, but both my husband Andrew and his father Clay did - being avid lifetime sailors.


They patiently taught me the machine basics and even more importantly, how to fix them - because they break down -

A lot!


My enthusiasm to create was fulfilled. I wanted to make a unique Bahamian Product that also gave an experience. I was also heavily driven by the idea of making a recycled and reusable product, one that was made right here in HT. My love for color and drawings makes our collections all one of a kind. The stencil and designs are all just hand drawings at the beginning stages.


I love transforming ideas from pen to products. Each sail bag we make is with the highest quality, including all of our materials and sewing techniques.


We appreciate your support for our growing small business!


Donate your sails today!

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